Friday, 24 March 2017

Unblocking Your Drains

We all take care of our plumbing and drainage needs. Proper plumbing and drainage can be a boon for households and offices as they provide safety and secure disposal of water and wastes. We often however face a lot of issues with our plumbing and drain pipes.

These problems can heighten up if not looked into immediately and can cause further problems to arise. We should endeavour to take proper care and maintain our drains regularly. Then only your drains will work and function efficiently for you.

Drains can sometimes get blocked over time. Blocked drains are caused mainly due to accumulation of excess water, waste, soap foams, etc. Everyone wants to keep their sinks, bathrooms, toilets clean and tidy. There are some areas of the house which are used quite often.

These areas are more prone to blockages and cloggings. A blocked drain can cause a lot of trouble for the home owner or resident. Blocked drains cause the bathroom to appear dirty and stranded with water. Also previous wastes can seep out from the sink hole and create a whole lot of mess which can be difficult to clean up.

Blocked drains are a huge pain and they can create floods. They can also lead to unpleasant odours in the sink or in your washroom. In this article we shall teach you how you can take care of your blocked drains all by yourself without having to call the doctor.

Fixing your blocked drains

There are number of ways to fix your clogged drains and sinks. Read on to find out more about how you too can clear your blocked pipes.

Pour one tea spoon of baking powder in to the hole of the sink or drain. Make sure that the entire powder makes its way through the drain pipe inside. Then pour about two cups of boiling water and wait for some time. Then add one more cup of baking soda and immediately add one spoon of white vinegar.

Take a wire hanger and bend it to make it straight. Then take one end of it and curl it to make a hook. Insert the end with the hook into your drain and start fishing. In sometime the accumulated waste will make its way down to the bottom.

You can even simply use boiling water to clean the pipes and get rid of all your blockages. This is a simple home remedy that anyone facing problems with their drains can use. Simple boil about four to five cups of water.

Then pour water down the pipes at regular intervals. After some time you will hear a searing noise and bubbles will start coming out. The accumulated waste will get dissolved and get cleared from the pipe.

You can also use some salt and some baking soda. Pour salt and baking soda down the drain. Wait for a few minutes and then pour boiling water. The salt plus soda will create a chemical reaction inside the pipes which will clear your pipes.

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